Friday, May 15, 2009

Gavin Rossdale is AMAZING

As soon as the lineup for Sundown in the City was released a few months ago, the May 14th show caught my eye and I knew I just had to be there last night. GAVIN ROSSDALE was scheduled to perform. I loved him back when he was with BUSH and even his new solo stuff is pretty good.

I was so excited all day for last night. It was supposed to be a double with Candice and Jonathan, but we ended up turning it into a girls night. We had dinner at Oodles Uncorked, then made our way into the crowd.

I got to see Maria Buck again for the first time in forever! I love this girl and miss working with her so much.

Maria and the people she at dinner with were sitting right next to Gavin at dinner. I was so jealous to hear of her luck! Here's a super cute picture of Candice and me:

Gavin was so awesome to see. He did mostly BUSH stuff. He may have done one of his solo songs, but Candice and I got stuck in the line for the bathroom behind a really drunk guy that actually fell while in line and chugged some random drink that was sitting on top of the wall. EWW! Gavin also sang "Landslide," which totally brought tears to my eyes. Back in highschool Bethany and I would bust out to the Dixie Chicks version of that song on our drive home from school (it was always a race to her apartment to see NSYNC on TRL).

Here's some pictures of Gavin. We started out facing the stage, but made our way to the side of the stage and got much closer:

By the end of the concert is was POURING rain. Needless to say we were dripping wet and so was Gavin.
And now for the BEST picture of the entire night:

I wish there wasn't a drop of water covering most of his face, but I can still tell it's him. It was such a fun night and meeting Gavin at the end of the night was simply AMAZING.


Rebecca Louise. said...

It looks like the pouring rain was worth it for that photo. Very jealous - I have heard some of his music and it is good :)

Your a student nurse like me! Yay! xo.