Monday, June 29, 2009

A Day at the Cabin

While I was in Wisconsin I spent the day at my aunt and uncle's cabin. I went up there with my aunt and three of her kids (Savannah-5, Timmy-7, and Lydia-12).

We got there at night so we had a bon fire and made s'mores. I think I ate 4 s'mores. They are so tasty. We did have some excitement during the bonfire...The blanket that was covering Savannah and me kinda started on fire. I think a spark from the fire must have hit it. Savannah was pretty scared. There's a nice hole in the blanket now.
The next day we played in the water, went kayaking, rode in the paddle boat, fished, and played on the tire swing.
Here's some pictures
Timmy is pulling Savannah on the "surf board"

Timmy and the fish he caught from the paddle boat:
Savannah fishing off the dockTimmy "surfing"

Timmy and Savannah on the tire swing:

Lastly, the view from the dock