Wednesday, May 27, 2009

The Scrapbooking Adventure Continues

Tonight I decided to get back to work on my San Francisco scrapbook. I looked back on Snapfish today to see how many pictures we took while we were out there...the grand total is 798! No wonder this is taking me so long. We were there for 5 days and I may be done with one whole day.

I have made pages for all the pictures we took of Alcatraz. We took a night tour so the sun was setting as the boat was going around Acatraz Island. It was simply beautiful.
I also made pages for the pictures we took when we went to the wax museum. I had never been to a wax museum and was really excited to go. It's really amazing how artists can make wax look exactly like a human being. Granted some statues weren't very accurate, but it's still really cool to see. My favorite section in the museum was the artist section. They showed DiVinci painting the "Mona Lisa" as well as Norman Rockwell, VanGogh, and more
Anyways, back to the scrapbook.
I also finished the section about our adventure through Daly City, CA. In San Francisco itself we didn't see much of the ocean so we decided to take the train to Daly City; which is on the coast, and according to the public transportation map, the train station is only a few blocks from the ocean. However, the map failed to show the massively giant we had to climb, and also failed to show the 4 lane highway that didn't have a crosswalk that we would have to sprint across. Luckily we made it to the coast alive. Unfortunately you wouldn't actually get to the ocean because Daly City lies right on San Andreas fault. It's really dangerous to walk down to the coast. There were giant cliffs that were the result of previous earthquakes.
I still have to make sections from our time at the Painted Ladies, on the Golden Gate Bridge, at the Tea Garden, in Coit Tower, and of all the random pictures I took.
Here's two pictures of what my dining rom looks like as I take on this project:


Rebecca Louise. said...

You look so organised! I wish I had your skills! xo.